Sunny Grove Preschool and Daycare

Our Mission and Philosophy.

What motivates us to strive for the excellence.

Our Mission

At Sunny Grove Preschool and Childcare, our mission is to provide child care that is above the expectations of families and to guide each child’s educational and individual needs. Rooted in passion and hard work, we thrive to inspire our children to become responsible, independent and compassionate individuals, as well as equip them with critical thinking and life-long learning skills. 

Our Teaching Philosophy

Self-help leads to independence. Our responsibility as educators is to give children the tools to help themselves as they grow to be independent, responsible and respectful individuals. We help children establish good manners and habits. We give children plenty of opportunities to practice self-care skills, while attending to their needs. 

Challenge empowers confidence. Children grow confidence through conquering small challenges. We design curriculum and activities to lay a solid academic foundation for our children, and give them the challenges they need to reach on their tippy toes. We not only equip the children with pre-academic knowledge and skills, but also foster positive learning habits that allow them to take ownership of their future academic journey. 

Adventure and exploration drive discovery. Learning can be fun. Steering away from the traditional teacher-centered learning approach, we encourage children to think, imagine and discover through open-ended projects and free exploration. We help them to cultivate awareness of their relationships with objects, peers, information, ideas, society and themselves through carefully designed activities. 

Connection nurtures trust. Children’s fundamental psychological need is the deep connection with adults that care for them. We nurture close relationship between the children and the teachers. Through love and positive discipline, our teachers foster a safe and trusting environment for the children to thrive.

Perspectives creates understanding and ideas. We embrace diverse perspectives regardless of the children’s backgrounds. By engaging in multiple perspectives, our children are encouraged to generate original ideas and make their own decisions, as they navigate through childhood challenges.

Community fosters success. Learning goes beyond classrooms: to the families, neighbors and the communities. We serve as resources to the parents and the local communities, to celebrate their achievements, answer their questions and ease their struggles. We also help parents to connect with each other. Our children’s success has roots in our group efforts.

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